Eco Films is an independent wildlife film company based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Currently we offer our services in wildlife filmmaking & photography and in-country management (location and production), line producing, research, scriptwriting. We provide our services everywhere in Georgia. We will also help you to arrange your business in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Our experience and expertise lay in fields of filmmaking, photography, bird/wildlife watching tours, cultural tours, travel and adventure.

Upcoming project: "Jara"

There is a new project coming soon - large-scale wildlife documentary called "Jara". It's a traditional Georgian hive used mainly in western part of the country to attract wild swarms. Film is in pre-production stage, funded by variety of donors, including WWF Georgia and CNF. We are still seeking for additional funding though. Please visit and subscribe to film production website

"The Road" - premiere soon!

We are just couple of steps from premiere (finally!) of "The Road", 52 min documentary on sheep, transhumance and life of shepherds in Eastern Georgia.

On the Road - Trailer from Eco Films Ltd on Vimeo.



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